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3 Travel Water Bottles to Help Keep Your Dog Hydrated in the Spring

Posted by Maureen Benner on

Woman walking her dog on the sidewalk in the city

The United States is entering its spring season, and soon the snow and ice will melt in parks, sidewalks, and walking trails. This makes it an ideal time to start exercising outside with your dog. All winter, you must have been looking forward to some outdoor time with your dog - he's certainly begging for it! However, with the increase in temperature and activity comes an increased thirst for water. This is not something that not only you will start to feel, but your dog is going to feel as well. If you are wondering how to keep your dog hydrated on the go, look into purchasing a dog water bottle. If you are not sure which portable dog water bottle to buy that is right for your dog, we reviewed different models that will help keep your pet hydrated as you explore the great outdoors.

Choosing the Right Bottle

Each size dog needs a certain amount of water and some additional amount while exercising. You should always consult with your veterinarian first, but usually, an ounce per pound of weight is a good minimum amount of water to bring along. You should always clean your bottle after purchase, and keep your bottle clean before using and while in storage. We are recommending dog water bottles with simple designs and made of materials that are easy to clean and air dry.

Golden Retriever puppy drinking water

Another consideration while traveling is carrying the water bottle. A lanyard would help you hold the water bottle and prevent you from dropping it on the ground repeatedly. This can encourage you to use your water bottle as a weight for strength training. It is up to you if you will feel comfortable enough carrying the bottle with one hand and the dog leash in the other.

A velcro strap is another method of carrying your bottle. It can be adjusted to the size or your wrist, arm, or in some case, your leg. To can strongly secure the bottle to you while you are walking or jogging. One thing to consider is that repeated attaching and separating of the velcro can weaken it over time, especially if a lot of force is applied. To prolong the life of the velcro, make sure to separate the velcro carefully when you need to detach the bottle from storage.

Both a lanyard and a velcro strap can easily be tied or clipped to a backpack. This is great for a long hike or walks, so long as you do not overpack your bag and carry too many things. It is one thing to lug heavy equipment around on your walk. It is another to do it while maintaining control and care for your dog that is ecstatic about being outside after a long winter. The product choices that we reviewed discuss already include either a velcro strap or a lanyard, but you can always swap one for the other if the included accessory does not work well for you.

1. AUDM Auto Dog Mug

AUDM Auto Dog Mug 20 oz Outdoor Portable Dog Water Bottle

This portable outdoor water bowl is made of food safe BPA free plastic. It is leak tight to avoid losing any essential water. This bottle is easy to use for your dog. Just gently squeeze the bottle, and water will fill the attached drinking bowl. After your dog take s a refreshing drink, you can release your squeeze and the extra water returns to the bottle. The adjustable velcro strap makes it easy to carry while on your dog jog or stroll. Since this travel water bottle holds 20 oz of water, it is ideal for a medium size dog. The Auto Dog Mug fits in standard car cup holder, so that way you do not forget it in the car if you are traveling to a remote park or trail.

2. Manba Travel Water Bottle with Silicone Flip-Up Bowl

dog drinking from Manba 20 oz Dog Travel Water Bottle with Silicone Flip-up Bowl

Portability is a concern when traveling, so Manba designed a bottle that has an attached drinking bowl that fits around the bottle as your traveling. When your dog needs a drink, you just simply flip the bowl part, squeeze the water and then let your pooch get rehydrated. The bowl looks like a scoop, but its made to fit your furry friend's tongue and give then a gradual drink. The bowl is in a fun leaf-shaped pattern to go along with your outdoor adventures. Made from BPA and PVC free food grade material, the Manba travel dog water bottle is easy to clean. The capacity of the bottle is 20 oz, which is a good amount of water for a medium-sized dog but small and light enough to carry while full. Included as a bonus is an adjustable pet seatbelt for happy traveling with your dog.

3. ANPETBEST Travel Water Bottle

Couple and dog on walk with ANPETBEST Travel Bottle 325ML /11oz Dog Water Dispenser for Small Pets

The bone and dog paw pattern gives a sense of fun and pet-loving pride to the design of this pet bottle. The drinking bowl is molded around the water dispenser so that it gives a comfortable drink area for your pet. You just need to remove the water bottle from the holder and snap it into an upright position. Then, squeeze the bottle gently to pour the water into the bowl. After filling, you can place the bowl part of the ground or hold it up to your dog to allow him to drink. The BPA free food safe material is easy to clean when disassembled. Since the capacity is 11oz, it is ideal for an active small dog. In fact, it makes a great water bottle if you also have a cat companion that loves to play with you and your dog outdoors on hot days.

Man and dog jogging and running together

Whether you are going for a long walk or a short stroll, we want you to have a wonderful and memorable time exercising with your dog. We hope that you enjoyed reading about these dog water choices in our store. We would love for you to reach out to us via chat or email if you have any questions about these products. Until then, keep hydrated and enjoy our outdoor time while the weather is nice!

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