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Paw Patrol Gingerbread House Watchtower Cookie Kit

Paw Patrol Gingerbread House Watchtower Cookie Kit

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Help Ryder and the pups keep an eye out for danger this holiday season with the Paw Patrol Gingerbread Cookie Kit! It contains pre-baked gingerbread cookie pieces, ready-to-use white icing, assorted edible decorations, character pieces with stands, a piping bag and a plastic watchtower base.

Contains pre-baked gingerbread cookies, ready to use icing, rainbow gumdrops, rainbow nonpareils, icing pen, Paw Patrol marshmallow and paper character pieces. Makes 1 cookie watchtower. Includes all candy needed to decorate the watchtower.

(Adult Supervision Required)

Adults  - When the iced pieces have dried firm to the touch, cut 1/4 inch off the end of the piping bag to create an opening that will yield a 1/4-inch wide strip of icing when piped. Allow watchtower to set for 5 minutes to firm. Carefully pipe a line of icing along the top of the windows. Gently set the large, non-embossed circular cookie on top, pressing slightly to adhere. Stack the small cookie circle on top and allow the tower to set for 5 minutes before the kids can finish decorating.

Adults  - Cut a small tip off the icing pen.
Kids - Use the blue icing pen to decorate your watchtower. Leftover icing can be used to adhere candies, gumdrops and the paw print marshmallow piece. HINT: Gumdrops can be cut into shapes using kitchen scissors. The watchtower base may be decorated as well. Refer to box for inspiration. Squeeze a dab of icing onto the door piece to secure it into place. Adult Hint: Fold the telescope along the creases and assist kids with using dabs of icing to secure it to the watchtower. Insert character paper pieces into their paper stands and place around watchtower as desired. Allow Paw Patrol Watchtower to dry completely before carefully moving, if necessary. Admire and enjoy!

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